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Articles Published in Professional Journals

Acolatse, T. W. (2016, Fall). Enhancing the online classroom: Transitioning from discussion to engagement. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, University of West Georgia, 19(3). http://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/fall193/acolatse193.html

Ayanou, T. (2016, December). Foreign capital inflows to the USA and mortgage interest rates. Journal of Housing Economics, 34, 1-14. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhe.2016.06.001

Becker, G. F. & Ponschock, R. L. (2016). Digital divide: More than just a technology chasm. Journal of Strategic and International Studies, XI(5), 19-29.

Byers, R. (2016, October). Mezzanine financing: Funding corporate growth. Journal of International Finance Studies, 16(2), 7-10.

Chenkovich, K. & Cates, S. (2016, Winter). Welcome to the millennial generation: Should this generation be attracted, managed, and retained by corporations differently? International Journal of Management and Human Resources, 4(1), 79-83.

DeLotell, P. & Cates, S. (2016, Summer). The department chair influence on institutional affective commitment on online adjuncts. The International Journal of Business and Public Administration, 13(1), 61-75.

DePriest, D. L. (2016, Spring/Summer). Quantum teaming in the 21st century self-information age. Colleague 2 Colleague (C2C) Digital Magazine, 11-12. https://scalar.usc.edu/works/c2c-digi-magazine-spring-summer-2016/quantum-teaming-in-the-21st-century-self-information-age

DePriest, D. L. (Fall 2016/Winter 2017). Taking an Internet-of-Things approach to cyber-security using quantum teams. Colleague 2 Colleague (C2C) Digital Magazine. https://scalar.usc.edu/works/c2c-digital-magazine-fall-2016--winter-2017/taking-an-internet-of-things-approach-to-cybersecurity-using-quantum-teams

Flynn, C. (2016, October). Enhancing the online classroom: Facilitating civility in online learning. Review of Business Research, 16(3), 101-108. http://dx.doi.org/10.18374/RBR-16-3.12

Gibson, J. W., Deem, J., Einstein, J. E., & Humphreys, J. H. (2016, September 12). Applying critical biography perspective to the work of Frank Gilbreth. Journal of Management History, 22(4), 413-436. http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/JMH-03-2016-0017

Johnson, J. N. & Cates, S. (2016, Winter). The new age of sexual harassment: Are men the new victims of sexual harassment? The International Journal of Management and Human Resources, 4(1).

Olson, J., Flynn, C., & Kalinski, R. (2016, October). Self-regulated learning and autonomy in online graduate business education. European Journal of Management, 16(3), 63-76. http://dx.doi.org/10.18374/EJM-16-3.7

Olson, J. D., McAllister, C., Grinnell, L. D., Walters. K. G., & Appunn, F. (2016, January 4). Applying constant comparative method with multiple investigators and inter-coder reliability. The Qualitative Report, 21(1), 26-42. http://dx.doi.org/10.46743/2160-3715/2016.2447

Self, S., Fudge, T., Sullivan, G., & Harrington, T. (2016, Winter). A case study with various accounting frauds. International Journal of Business, Accounting, and Finance, 10(2), 15-24.

Self, S., Weaver, D., Machuca, A., Lockwood, R., & Sullivan, G. (2016, Summer). Do varied formats of practice prior to taking exams make a difference in the student performance? An empirical study. International Journal of Education Research, 11(1), 10-21.

Sykes, D. & Kelly, K. G. (2016, June). Motorcycle drive tourism leading to rural tourism opportunities. Tourism Economics, 22(3), 543-557. https://doi.org/10.5367/te.2014.0454

Wilson, S. F., Lao, T. M., & Escobedo, E. (2016, September 21). Terrorist experts’ perceptions of how the internet has shaped international terrorism. Journal of Information Assurance & Cybersecurity, 2016(163033). https://doi.org/10.5171/2016.163033

Books and Book Chapters

Brown, S. Cummings, D., Healey, D., & Self. S. (2016). An accounting capstone workbook & case study. Liberty University Press.

DePriest, D. L. (2016) Quantum teaming - a primer: Teaming in the 21st century self-information age. CreateSpace.

Lockwood, R., Allen, T., & Chicone, R. (2016). Development and validation of the Invitational Online Teaching Assessment (IOTA). In S. T. Gregory & J. Edwards (Eds.), Invitational education and practice in higher education: An international perspective. Lexington Books.

Ponschock, R. L. & Becker, G. F. (2016). DIGIPERSON: A socio-technological odyssey. Createspace.

Conference Proceedings and/or Professional Presentations

Blatt, J., Savage, S., & Chicone, R. (2016, October). Student perceptions about Information Technology and cybersecurity industry certifications. IACIS 2016, 57th International Conference, Nashville, TN. Information Systems Journal, 17.

DePriest, D. L. (2016, August 4). Quantum teaming: How to create a virtual internship to provide online students with real-world experience. [Conference presentation]. Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT), Overland Park, KS.

Fedock, B., Holland, A., Ferebee, S., Dooley, G., & Bailey, L. (2016, November 14). Meditation and critical thinking and individual characteristics. [Conference presentation]. E-Learn 2016 - World Conference on E-Learning (AACE), Washington, DC.

Kebritchi, M., Holland, A., Stout, M., & Ferebee, S. (2016, November 16). Critical thinking and meditation in online higher education: A quasi-experimental study. [Conference presentation]. OLC Accelerate 2016, Orlando, FL.

Locker, C., & Wolf, P. (2016, September 23). A case study on leading change in online education. [Conference presentation]. The Academy of Business Research Fall 2016 Conference, Atlantic City, NJ.

Olson, J., Flynn, C., & Kalinski, R. (2016, October). Self-regulated learning and autonomy in online graduate business education. [Conference presentation]. IABE Fall Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Savage, S., Blatt, J., & Chicone, R. (2016, October). Integrating certification preparation into university curriculum. IACIS 2016, 57th International Conference, Nashville, TN. Information Systems Journal, 17.

Selby, A., & Jenewein, G. (2016, April 21). Student-generated video: Learner-designed learning. [Conference presentation]. 21st Annual Technology, Colleges and Community (TCC) Online Conference.

Sykes, D. (2016, April). Remaining relevant - is there an app for that? [Conference presentation]. 2016 Annual MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

News and Web Articles

Chicone, R. (2016, June 29). A cultural change: It's time to become a human firewall. SmallBizDaily. http://www.smallbizdaily.com/cybersecurity-for-your-small-business

Chicone, R. (2016, March 16). BYOD isn’t going away, so set a real strategy. ComputerWorld. http://www.computerworld.com/article/3044980/byod/byod-isn-t-going-away-so-set-a-real-strategy.html

Jackson, J. M. (2016, Spring). The three T’s of inventory management. Supply Chain World Magazine. http://www.scw-mag.com/editors-blog/645-the-three-t-s-of-inventory-management

University-Sponsored Blog Entries and Articles

August, A. & Chicone, R. (2016, May). Software development: Do you have what it takes? Kaplan University. http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/information-technology/articles/software-development.aspx

Chicone, R. (2016, April). Mobile device security: Does your mobile device have stagefright? Kaplan University. http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/information-technology/articles/mobile-device-security.aspx

Fudge, T. (2016, January 27). "14 Habits that Can Cost You Your Job": Lessons for students, teachers, and course developers. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/a-forbes-article-14-habits-that-can-cost-you-your-job-lessons-for-students-teachers-and-course-developers

Fudge, T. (2016, February 3). Taking time off, part 1: Why teachers should and how to time it. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/taking-time-off-part-1-why-teachers-should-and-how-to-time-it

Fudge, T. (2016, February 24). Taking time off, part 2: Preparing your students and the sub. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/taking-time-off-part-2-preparing-your-students-and-the-sub

Fudge, T. (2016, April 13). Proper use of labels in course work. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/proper-use-of-labels-in-course-work

Fudge, T. (2016, June 22). SOAR Symposium: The value of research and presentation. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/soar-symposium-the-value-of-research-and-presentation

Fudge, T. (2016, November 23). Prepping students for the holidays. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/prepping-students-for-the-holidays

Fudge, T. (2016, December 14). Searching for reading material: A little murder, a little mystery. Kaplan University Writing Center Blog. https://kuwcnews.wordpress.com/2016/12/14/searching-for-reading-material-a-little-murder-a-little-mystery

Raineri, E. (2016, May). Workplace wearables: Questions executives should be asking. Kaplan University. http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/information-technology/articles/workplace-wearables.aspx

Self, S. W. (2016, April 25). Revised GAAP treatment for goodwill. Kaplan University. http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/center-for-excellence/accounting-trend/gaap-treatment-of-goodwill.aspx

University-Sponsored Conference Presentations

Gen Ed Conference, June 7-9, 2016

KU Village, October 24-28, 2016

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